Cubs will outbid the Yankees

That is the dumbest headline yet. Nobody outbids the Yanks. That is unthinkable. And since the news has hit, Girardi signed with who? I knew he would never leave NY……why would he? Everybody thinks the Yankees are the dream team and once you are there you won’t leave. Some have, but it hasn’t changed the image. The Cubs need someone willing to work in a prehistoric dungeon of a stadium, nursing young players, but never having to worry about the fans because they will always be there… or lose. Most of them don’t really care. They just come to enjoy a day at the old ballpark. Losing is an accepted fate for the Cubs and they will do very little to change that. Epstein will tire of trying in another few years and seek other teams to govern. And the Cubs will continue on as the Lovable Losers of the Northside. Go ahead and save this and throw it in my face in three years. I hope I am wrong, but I seriously doubt it.


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